Let’s Create a Paperless Hospital

DigiDoctor- Hospital information system (HIS) is a complete end-to-end solution for hospitals to simplify the workflow by digitizing the entire operations of a hospital. It is designed to handle patient registration, appointments, billing, accounting, medicines, doctors availability, treatment methodology, payments, stocks, purchases and revenue.

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Digidoctor is a complete Hospital Information System.

DigiDoctor- Hospital Information System (HIS) from Criterion Tech is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare today achieving operational effectiveness and delivering superior patient care while increasing revenues with new services and offerings.

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Our Features

Using DigiDoctor-HIS, there is no chance of error at any level because we use the barcode system at every identification point like billing, investigations, OPD, IPD.



It covers all the healthcare solutions needs like EHR, EMR, HIMS, RIS, Diet Management System, and other solutions of the medical record. We have designed the modules which will fit all types of healthcare organizations

  • Powerful inbuilt Business Intelligence engine
  • Graphical MIS, using dashboards and graphs
  • Multi-location connectivity
  • Enhances information security and integrity
  • Reduces transcription errors
  • Reduces duplication of information entries
  • Optimizes report turnaround times
  • Separate COVID dashboard



Report is the most important aspect of any software, which will give you the complete results of a medical examination of a patient.

  • Patient Death Report
  • Feedback Report
  • Patient Analyzing Graph
  • Reporting List (Test)
  • Problem Patient Analyzing graph
  • Validation Report
  • Pending Validate Report
  • Patient Document List
  • Calcium Report (Hourly)
  • Master Report
  • TAT Report (Turn Around Time Report)

Medication Facilities

Medication facilities include a broad range of services that meet the key requirements

  • There are so many medication‐related facilities; only few services that meet the requirements may fall under the Medication Facilities.
  • A Medication Management Facilities includes the following key elements:
  • Patient‐centric approach for care – the service is specified for a specific patient, focuses on the patient’s requirement and their concerns, and involves the patient in the treatment process.
  • Assessment of medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and adherence. Consideration should be given to accessibility and cost of medications.
  • Collaborative approach to care that involves the patient, caregiver(s), pharmacists, and other healthcare providers.
  • Focus on health outcomes.


Blood Facilities

Blood bank feature helps laboratories to manage blood inventory and minimize repeat phlebotomies by providing a fully integrated and robust blood bank system. This solution enables them to manage blood products issued to patients in a hospital or centralized transfusion service.

  • Blood Bank Master
  • Blood Category
  • Donor Master
  • Blood Requisition
  • Pending Blood Requisition List
  • Blood Inward List

Pharmacy Management

Basic and detailed information about drugs can easily be reached. The module includes information about whether medications are actively used, whether they are imported, and information about the type of medicines. The medicine module will show the record of available medicines in stock or out of stock.

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