DigiDoctor is an online health consultation app that redefines and revolutionises the utility of telemedicine in practice. This app offers seamless and integrated world-class online healthcare services with a wide network of seasoned doctors.

Our app works to make healthcare simpler and more accessible for patients through digital solutions. It provides a fast, easy and friendly way to gain access to medical diagnoses and evaluations from highly specialist and extensively trained doctors.

DigiDoctor brings the medical services to you in person and virtually so that you can skip long clinic/hospital queues or long commutes and get tele-consulted at your ease and comfort.

The ultimate aim of the DigiDoctor app is to provide unhindered access to online health care without any disruption. This app powers you to find and consult with top doctors anytime, anywhere.

What is 24x7 Call support?

DigiDoctor connects you instantly to speak with licensed, qualified and experienced Doctors and Experts from the comfort of your home/office/etc. Our Doctors and Experts, associated with the top hospitals, are available any time of night or day.

What is Covid-19 screening?

In this section, the users need to select the related symptoms according to the problem, persisting. Post selecting the symptoms, our app identifies the cause and suggests you either book an appointment or get a call from our expert team members, instantly.

Can the patient directly make an audio/video call to the doctor?

Yes, the patient can make an audio/video call to Doctor but our doctors are authorised to reject or accept the call based on the medical situation and the patient’s priority.

What is Add Member feature?

In this section, users can add multiple individuals or family members. It can be managed in one account; you can change members at a click.