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Why DigiDoctor?

Combats Wrong Drug Administration

DigiDoctor alerts the doctor about taking informed decisions on prescribing medicines and also suggests alternate drugs.

Specific Medical Assistance

As per the patient’s symptoms and prevailing health conditions DigiDoctor can suggest a medical speciality.

Video Call Option

DigiDoctor allows you to consult your doctor on video call as well for enhanced and quicker health solutions.

Share Your Medical History

DigiDoctor facilitates you to share your medical history, diagnosis and medical images with your doctor.

Choose Your Doctor

You can send your symptoms through this app to a doctor from the speciality that you need.

Consult at Your Convenience

DigiDoctor gives you an option to get your appointment for telephonic consultation as per your convenience.

Book Our Doctor

DigiDoctor offers you quick access to an array of seasoned doctors, each one specialized in their own domain of medical expertise. Our doctors are available for you round the clock. Booking an appointment with a DigiDoctor specialist for any ailment consultation is as easy as ABC.

Sandip Gupta


  • Dsr Sunshine
  • 500.00 Rs

Dr Vishal Parmar


  • Mumbai
  • 600.00 Rs

Dr Meraj Ansari


  • Hardoi Road
  • 500.00 Rs

Sarfaraz Ahmad Khan

General Physician

  • N/A
  • 100.00 Rs

Dr Iqbal

ENT Specialist

  • N/A
  • 100.00 Rs

Dr Jay Singh


  • N/A
  • 100.00 Rs

Dr Rehan


  • N/A
  • 100.00 Rs

Dr Vinish Kumar Singh


  • N/A
  • 500.00 Rs

Dr. Archit Dwivedi


  • N/A
  • 100.00 Rs

Dr Mohd. M Hassan


  • N/A
  • 100.00 Rs


Ashish Shakya

Towards the end of my online consultation with my gynaecologist I asked about a hormonal problem that my daughter was going through, and the gynaecologist said that she would be giving me a call very soon again as she had to attend to other online patients too. And she did call me back again. I am overwhelmed by her warm gestureand grateful to her when she told me that it was nothing to be worried about.

Ahmad Hasan

Finally I found an amazingly patient friendly app. Doctor here on this app who spends time with his patients and doesn’t watch the clock. He was so much concerned about my well being.

Ijaharuddin Khan

I spoke to a doctor on this app regarding my illness the other day. She was not only wise and intelligent in her domain but very well brought up as well. What a rare combination of knowledge and human touch.


I felt confident in this doctor’s abilities who provided me health care today on digidoctor. I have never seen a doctor who seemed so much caring, polite and devoted to his patients. He has cured my illness to a great extent just by his polite and humble words of care.

Ranjeet Maurya

Nothing like it. Now my family is in caring hands. This was my third session of consultation with a doctor on digidoctor. Now I don’t need to travel from pillar to post for my everyday health issues.I am thankful to all those blessed souls who created this wonderful service.

Shivam Pandey

This is a great app for all health enthusiasts who keep a track of their health issues. Its worth to have it downloaded on your mobile.

Nitish Sharma

I have tried a lot of other health apps earlier. But this is by far the best one. Easy to use, quickly responding, helpful doctors and the soft spoken helpline guys! Thanks.

Sandeep Yadav

A really user friendly app. Nothing complicated about it. Even my 14 year old can use it.

Gaurav Kushwaha

DigiDoctor is my top recommendation for people who are just looking for a good health app that can provide them hassle free online medical consultation.

Shubhanshu Shakya

No matter what kind of Health advice or diagnostic service you are looking for, there’s an app that can push you in the right direction.