How can I contact or get in touch with a doctor on DigiDoctor?

You need to sign up if you haven’t already. Registered patients should login and choosea doctor from the given list to consult. DigiDoctor can also suggest relevant doctors based on the symptoms and signs provided by the patient.

How does digidoctor decide which doctor shall answer my query?

Patient can choose a doctor from the list of relevant doctors provided by DigiDoctor based on the signs and symptoms provided by the patient. Patients can also choose any doctor of their preference directly.

Can I upload my medical history on the DigiDoctor App?

Yes, you can upload your medical history in the form of pictures and pdf for anytime and anywhere access on the DigiDoctor app.

What if my query /concern can’t be solved via live chat?

At DigiDoctor, we take your problems and concerns very seriously. Should a complex health issue arise which cannot be solved over the Live Chat you can contact our 24x7 customer service helpline which is +91-8090394600

What if no one responds to my question?

This is highly unlikely to happen, given the number of doctors that we have on board with us. However, should there be a technical or server problem, please do not hesitate to contact our DigiDoctor support team who will be ready to assist you with any of your concerns.

What if there is an error while uploading the Medical images?

Pictures and pdf files with the maximum file size of 4 MB scan be uploaded. If an error occurs, please do not hesitate to contact our DigiDoctor support team, either through the Live Chat itself or via 24 x 7 customer support number that will guide you through the process.

Can I use DigiDoctor while traveling?

YES. You can use DigiDoctor while travelling and book your appointment with doctors.

Can the doctor diagnose my condition through Digidoctor app?

Yes. Our doctors make over hundreds of distinct diagnoses. The doctor, based on what he or she learns during your consultation decides, if a diagnosis is possible, or you need additional care. This could include tests or a visit to your primary doctor or a specialist. If the DigiDoctor doctor determines that an online visit isn’t appropriate for your illness, he or she will advise you to seek more appropriate care.

Can I get prescriptions during online visits?

Yes. You can get and view you prescriptions on digidoctor app.

When do I use DigiDoctor?

  • Digidoctor can be used anytime and specially in the following situations if,
  • Your doctor’s office is closed.
  • You feel too sick to drive.
  • You have children at home and can’t leave.
  • You’re traveling or on vacation.
  • Please remember that online health care doesn’t replace your relationship with your primary care doctor.

What if I have more questions?

In case of more queries you can contact our DigiDoctor support team, either through the Live Chat itself or 24x7 Customer Support.

What are the Modes of Consultation on DigiDoctor?

A patient can contact doctor via Phone call, live chat, or video conference.